Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of All Things- I mean 2010! Pt.4

MWA-HAHAHA! (continued from last post) *ahem* Okay, moving on...

The week of October 18th-22nd was weird, because a lot of our teachers were gone for the Ottawa Film festival.

Digital Methods was cool, even though Fran was in Ottawa, because Jeff Rowe- an AWESOME, albeit mildly intimidating 4th year, gave us a How-To from his film from last year in After Effects. He showed us stuff I hadn't even DREAMED were possible! I took notes. haha Color & Design was also canceled, as Brooke was in Canada too, so I did research for our MASSIVE Silhouettes project of DOOM! Steve was ALSO in Ottawa, so we had Life Drawing class that week in Jon Gomez's class in the Palace. He had two models who did a very Wizard of Oz theme (something he'd been doing all semester), I got crap out of it though... In CG Char. Anim. class, we turned in a 3D pinball game we were supposed to create. I had a HELL of a good time with mine and busted my @$$ all day that weekend to do it! And apparently, when I spend the time on CG class like I SHOULD, I do pretty good work! He showed it to the class later... *dies of embarassment*

That Friday, Shannon and Shane canceled, so we had no artist. I had more time to do homework, which was kicking my aforementioned @$$!!!!

The next week was FILLED with STUFF! Halloween (the infamous CalArts Halloween Party) was quickly approaching, and I had no costume. I'd mentioned to an amazingly awesome 4th year named Nicole that I had a costume idea in mind, but no sewing machine nor talent. I even put posters up all over school, begging for one of the costume majors to help me, but I didn't get a single phone call. In the end, she graciously agreed to borrow a sewing machine and make my costume. I convinced my friend Tammy to drive me to a Joann's on Monday after class and I bought her Golden Spoon yogurt in payment. I found the PERFECT color salmon fabric!

We made my costume in two nights- Monday night the 25th and Tuesday night the 26th. Nicole was AMAZING! (Her mom is a seamstress!) It came out PERFECT! Sadly, I have NO PHOTOS of it! I dressed up as Chihiro/Sen from Spirited Away.

In school news, our Silhouettes were due.

YES! I know I already posted it, but with as much time as I spent on it- I am ALLOWED!

My History of Character Animation midterm was Wednesday- and I did TERRIBLE! I ended up crying myself to sleep that night early because it was just all getting to be too much. There was more crying after Acting class on Thursday. I went to Robert with my Add/Drop slip in my hand, but never made him sign it. It wouldn't have solved the problems I was having anyway... Whatever! Moving on!

We found out on Friday, mere HOURS before the Halloween party, that Character Animators were expected to decorate the HUGE reams of black paper covering the walls of the main gallery where the party was. I tried to help, but I didn't know what to draw, so I took photos... haha!

Some pretty amazing drawings ensued, as did the costumes! Nicole went as Prince circa-Purple Rain- AWESOME! Charlotte went as Thelma from Scooby-Doo and looked SPOT-ON! I can't even sum up the amount of awesome that was the costumes that night! (Eusong, a 4th? year, went as Rufio from Hook! I nearly DIED of geekdom!) Basically the Halloween party was like a club... lots of booze (most ended up on the floor), very loud music (most of it too slow to dance to- WTH?!) and dancing. When the music finally picked up near the end of the night, I danced like mad. There was finally a BEAT! Oh... and two guys tried to have sex somewhere... whatever- it reminded me SO MUCH of clubs back in Houston! I found myself wishing that I'd been able to go to my friend Samus's Halloween party back in Houston... he always threw such EPIC parties!

On the actual DAY of Halloween, I spent most of it in my cube, but I made sure to recognize Halloween in a small way...

That day, I was also invited to a cafe across the freeway called Urbane Cafe with Louise, Bo, Theresa, and Brooke. Lots of fun (and admittedly, some stares) ensued.

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