Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of All Things- I mean 2010! Pt.3

Whoa... this is taking a long time, but it feels good!

The third week of classes was again, a lot of the same routine. My classmates and I were still meeting each other and learning names and getting to know one another. The routine of classes was settling finally, and I LOVED IT!

In 2D, we made a ball bounce across the page and started working on a blade of grass. CG Foundation was canceled that week, so I utilized that time as best I could. The entire freshman class was hammering out animatics still, because they were due the next week. We needed to use After Effects to make them and I didn't even know how to use the freaking program! So that was.... INTERESTING! But that Friday was my first Pay Day! YAY! Also, it was Visiting Artists night with the AMAZING MARK ANDREWS! (Aka- "Mandrews"... don't ask me why, I don't know!)

Yes, that is what you think it is... We honestly lost the true count...

Again- what he talked about, I am not at liberty to say, but my journal has everything ALLLLL WRITTEN DOWN! I will keep it forever, and it will keep me warm on cold nights! XD MWA-HAHAHA!!!!

That weekend, ALL I worked on was my animatic and Color & Design.
Here's the work I'd done so far.

The next week was kind of interesting though... On October 5th, we had a special guest come to CalArts- Jeffrey Katzenberg! Now, I should confess something... the ENTIRE department had their panties in a twist over this guy coming to see us... I just... didn't! I will admit, he used to be a big deal at Disney- and that's where I remember him from- all the mini-segments before Disney movies played on TV when I was a kid. But as for Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO or whatever of Dreamworks, I was not a twitter with excitement. That is not to say that I did not GO! HAHA! Unfortunately, you will not find any pictures of him on my blog, not me getting his autograph. It was strictly mentioned to us beforehand that he was coming in to speak to us, there would be no video-recording, cameras or autographs and he would be exiting without speaking to anyone... Well, way to win over the crowd!

So yeah... he talked about stuff at Dreamworks. One of our teachers- Ted Ty- the fourth year 2D Animation professor STILL works at Dreamworks during the day and teaches here at night apparently risked a lot to bring him there. So I guess it was a big deal. He didn't say much though to make me feel like I was very special... Again- can't talk about what he said- I could lose Ted Ty his job- both at CalArts AND Dreamworks. So no go!
We all went on to Story class afterward and Jennifer wanted to know all about what he talked about. It was also the night that our animatics were due! One of my classmates, Josh, had worked himself to the point of near INSANITY trying to finish his and never showed up to class! We learned later that he'd finished (I think), went to his room and PASSED OUT ON THE FLOOR! He never even made it to the bed. His roommate actually lifted him up and put him into bed. All that hard work for nothing! Mine went okay, but I was over the time limit of 90 seconds and was already trying to plan out a new story. Oh yeah, I actually talk about my own work here! WOW!

October 6th was the CalArts Film/Video School meeting in Langley. I skipped out of work during my "lunch" to go. All of the programs in the Film/Video school were there, including Character Animation. There was only about 4 students. We were REALLY nervous and we felt too awkward to say much! HAHA! But I did get to talk to Dan for a little bit.

That Thursday sucked for me because someone said something about me that I took really hard and I spent the rest of the day in a funk, until Tammy (one of the sweetest girls in the world) took me to McDonald's for some ice cream. Getting some one-on-one time with her was amazing.

That weekend (October 9th) was the 40th Reunion of CalArts! All the alumni showed up and ate and partied. I got to see lots of the stuff going on and bought a special edition shirt, but mostly I did my homework. haha! That Monday we had no classes because of Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day to everyone else). Sadly, I pulled my first ever all-nighter on a HOLIDAY! I made it all the way to Color & Design, but made the mistake of laying down for a nap afterward "only for two hours"... and slept straight through most of Story class. I showed up for the last hour. I was told later that it was one of the best classes of the semester... FML!

That Wednesday, my flipbook for History of Character Animation was due. WHOA! I busted butt for it. I was later told that mine was one of the better ones, but I'll never know for sure because no one wanted theirs looked at!

And that Friday for Visiting Artists series, we had Shannon Tindle & Shane Prigmore from Coraline! It was supposed to be Part 1 of a 2 part visit, and they would return the following weekend, but something happened and we wouldn't see them again for weeks. Again- no details- MWA-HA! Woot! These posts are getting better, I think. Anyone want to kill me yet?

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