Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Possibility of being missed...

I have this strange custom at my work, where randomly, and for no other reason than I think that it's funny, I will run towards a pair of French doors (that lead to our Embroidery department) in a comical fashion and "splat" myself against the glass, making a retarded smooshed expression... I have done this for at least as long as we have been in our new building and the Embroidery ladies both seem to think it is humorous as well, since I frequently make them laugh.

This morning, I did this again- making a wholly new and fun splat shape. I opened the door to talk to my now-laughing co-worker and was shut up immediately when she said, "We are really going to miss that..."

As much as I know that I am leaving my job in 45 days (WOOT!!!!), and the state in 48 (WOOT WOOT!) and everything... nothing anyone has said to me yet made me feel like I will truly be missed by people here. I know ~I~ will miss people, but... I truly felt sad. Sad that I wouldn't be able to see and mess around with my coworkers...

Naturally, I immediately began planning how to make a large photo of myself in a wonky splat position so that we could make a huge digital print and stick it to the door, so I will be with them forever! XD

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