Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I can't believe I never posted photos of my kitbash! GAH! I loved that thing! I don't have photos of it with the light on, but I will try to get that! SOON! The whole back end of the ship has a LED light in it- a little homage to my dear, sweet Firefly! I think I intended for this to resemble a Reaver ship. I am damn proud of how it came out. I need to get LOTS more photos!

The first photo is what it looked like before- all toy parts! Some cables I tore apart, wires, etc. The second is it painted in this AWESOME metal (yes, REAL METAL) paint that John Mahoney brought to class. I know because I got it in a cut in my finger... Then the last photo is it painted with an oxidizing chemical or something. (I'll get the official name out of Mahoney at some point.) I know because I also got THAT on my cut! Can you say,

Well ~I~ can... and did!

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