Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Project!

EEK! Apparently my blog is getting some new viewers... *waves* Hi newcomers!
((retreats back into her blog-cave))

I guess I am announcing a new thing here on my blog. A daily drawing! I have seen it done by other people, but that sort of thing always intimidates the crap out of me and usually takes a little more creativity than I have had on tap in a while. (Please see Chris Ayers' artwork.) HOWEVER! There is a thing at Pixar (I seriously just thought "CalArts". I find myself doing that a lot. I guess four years will do that.) of a guy?- a someone (NAME UNLOCKED!: Aaron Hartline)- who did one Post-It note drawing a day. Some are AMAZINGLY simple, others are BEAUTIFUL, complex designs.

Anyway! He does one Post-It a day! That's not hard! It's not even- yeah, no, okay- it's a little intimidating... I mean- I AM at PIXAR here! But I can totally squeeze in ONE square Post-It a day! So I am!

This was my very first. I like him a lot. I pondered putting a coffee stain on his shirt, but I didn't think he needed to be that pathetic.
June 23rd, 2014

I also pondering giving him "Gantu-stripes" on his head... The jury is still out on that one. I don't want these to get too intricate. Ideally, I want to spend no more than about 5 minutes on these.

This was today's.
June 24th, 2014

Any really sharp animation-lovers might be able to identify who this one kind of ended up looking like. If not, oh well. I was sort of trying to push the eyes. I wanted them to feel like they were REALLY straining to look up that high. Not sure if I was 100% successful. But- it's a work in progress!

So- if I don't start updating everyday, someone please yell at me or something. I hope this series will be a fun thing for me. And of course, I hope you guys enjoy it too! Bye guys!

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  1. Hi! Love your art and im super glad I happened to come across your blog. And I love love loooooove your post it a day thing! And if im not mistaken. .. you said you currently work at pixar???? And you went to cal arts? ???? I aspire to do the same thing! So I was wondering if and when your not too busy to shoot me an email, I've got quite a few questions to ask �� it would help me out alot. Thankyou for Your inspiring work