Monday, September 16, 2013

Layout Studies

No one comments, but I have 22,400+ pageviews... which is more than I did last month. So SOMEONE is looking! So I'll post art for you guys! Here are some storyboard studies I did on a 1920 silent German Expressionist film called The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Later this week, I will be doing my own original layouts for some of these shots. Not to make them "better", per se, but how ~I~ would have made the shot, trying to keep in mind what the director was trying to say, the mood, etc. I hope to post those later.

WARNING!: Spoilers abound! (Especially if you speak German.)

That first one just HIT me and I had to draw it. I think that room is just perfect.

I loved the tall freaking chair for the Town Clerk. Had to draw it just because of that.

There's Alan's chair again. I think it almost stole these scenes for me.

Again, I had to do the funeral because of that amazing gate! Wow.
Pardon the stupid blob of marker on Jane's face... marker decided it was a great time to go BLOOP.

The rooftop scene is spectacular.

This shot is simply perfect in my opinion.

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