Monday, November 15, 2010


Okay, so there is a HUGE list of things that you are NOT supposed to do in your dorm rooms at school... and I read every single one of them.... and I have only broken one... And I broke it BIG! XD

Well, not really, but when they say no and I do what I did, if they ever found out they would be so peeved at me! No expulsion, mind you, but PEEEEEEEEEVED!!!!!!

Thankfully, I can clean very well and no one will ever be the wiser....

Except my two suitemates and my roomie... but they can be silenced one way or another! MWA-HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!


  1. All that and you're not even going to tell us what you did??

  2. Heck no! Do you know who could read this blog?!